Wednesday: No internet connection today!

This is posted by Jay Gordon, Liz’s husband. She just texted and asked me to post here to let you know that there has been no internet connection available all day there. She also says, “everyone is fine and the work is going great. People are excited that a church is coming to their villages. One man balled when he got his glasses because no one had ever come and done anything like we were doing. Most in the second village are believers and eager to have (a) church.” (Text 8:30 PM CST)

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Touching Lives in Flooded Villages


Today we visited two villages that are flooded due to the high waters of the Amazon at this time of year. In the second village, Nuevo Triunfo, there is currently no church but people have been expressing interest in having one. For this reason the church planted previously in Las Palmas is working to start a church there. We saw how God has been working ahead of us as whole families came into the clinic, with several couples accepting Christ and others expressing interest in a church. A man named Pedro came in saying he walks for an hour to get to a church and that he is hoping for a church to be in his village and asked Elizabeth Bryant to pray for that to happen. At this time he had no idea we were there to help get a church started. Wow! Pedro stayed the whole afternoon waiting to attend the I Am Second group.

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Travel by Rickshaws


To get to our first day of clinic, we first took a 15 minute boat ride on the Amazon. Then we got off the boat and took a 15 minute rickshaw ride. With two people per rickshaw, plus all of our clinic and pharmacy supplies, we were quite the caravan riding through the jungle.

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Arrival Day

After the teams’ short nap at the hotel next to the Lima airport (for we arrived in lima around 12:30am), the team boarded a plane for the short flight from Lima to Iquitos. Blessed with low air traveler numbers this time of year the early AM flight from Lima to Inquitos was easy, just REALLY early. We then boarded the next mode of transportation of the Iquitos version of the Double dutch Bus and traveled to the Explorama’s office to catch yet the third form of travel, the speed boat to Ceiba Tops. The ride here was about 45 mins long: a good time to catch that nap. We immediately went to work sorting meds, Bibles and evangecubes. After a short hour or so nap we enjoyed a very nice lunch. The big highlight of today’s events was the short trip over to Monkey Island and I believe that the name gives it away. However the Amazon River is higher than normal so all the monkeys needed a life preserver to get around. We had a nice vist there and returned to Ceiba Tops for our team meeting and dinner. Now it’s time to get some real sleep and get ready to serve the Lord and others tomorrow. Glory be to God for our safe travels and good weather.

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Geography of the Trip

This post is from Jay Gordon, Liz’s husband.  Amazon 2013I was curious about where they were going, so I found a map.  The team is flying into Lima tonight and then to Iquitos early in the morning.  From there they will travel by boat.  This map had a good diagram of Iquitos and the Amazon River. Hope that helps.

They are likely arriving in Lima about now.  Sometimes we focus on safety so much that we forget to pray for the success of the trip.  I encourage you focus as much of your prayer on the spiritual aspects and goals of the trip as much as for the safety of the team.  Ask God to prepare the people to hear the gospel and to call them to Himself!

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A Trip to the Jungle

On March 16, our team of 18 medical and nonmedical expedition members will leave for a week in the outlying areas of Indiana, Peru setting up medical clinics and helping local church planters start churches in four villages along a river in the Amazon jungle. At this time we are training, praying, collecting supplies and finances for the trip. We appreciate the prayers of our fellow believers not only for us but for the Peruvian believers and nonbelievers with whom we will be working. May God give us wisdom as with minister to and with the people. May His kingdom come to us and them as we are there and may we in no way hinder God’s work in anyone.

We will try to post stories and updates on our blog as we go through our week but that always is dependent on wifi connections. Thank you for your prayers

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