Arrival Day

After the teams’ short nap at the hotel next to the Lima airport (for we arrived in lima around 12:30am), the team boarded a plane for the short flight from Lima to Iquitos. Blessed with low air traveler numbers this time of year the early AM flight from Lima to Inquitos was easy, just REALLY early. We then boarded the next mode of transportation of the Iquitos version of the Double dutch Bus and traveled to the Explorama’s office to catch yet the third form of travel, the speed boat to Ceiba Tops. The ride here was about 45 mins long: a good time to catch that nap. We immediately went to work sorting meds, Bibles and evangecubes. After a short hour or so nap we enjoyed a very nice lunch. The big highlight of today’s events was the short trip over to Monkey Island and I believe that the name gives it away. However the Amazon River is higher than normal so all the monkeys needed a life preserver to get around. We had a nice vist there and returned to Ceiba Tops for our team meeting and dinner. Now it’s time to get some real sleep and get ready to serve the Lord and others tomorrow. Glory be to God for our safe travels and good weather.

About goe3

Missionary with E3 Partners Ministry, planting churches world-wide.
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